is supporting candidates to look at ways to best present and prepare themselves to be “Remote Work Ready.”
We all have skills to offer, we just need to package them and deliver in a different way.  This may be a short term solution but should this form of employment (contract/temp/perm remote working) be something you need to consider for the foreseeable future, let’s work together and get ready.  
Stretch your mind, think laterally and uncover the skills you have that could easily be offered remotely.  We would recommend working from a baseline skill set and the hourly rate you would consider and work from this baseline up as opposed to thinking of your ideal role and scenario down.  This mindset along with a contract or temp scenario in mind will help us ascertain your transferable skill set with an understanding of where you see yourself working over the next while.

Things we recommend you think about:

  • Are you promoting yourself to be “Remote Work Ready” in the way of feedback you give to prospective employers?
  • Are you making use of LinkedIn in the most effective way to ensure you are highlighting your transferable skill set?
  • Have you revisited your resume (keep your existing resume as your primary copy and make adjustments depending on the role you are looking to secure with remote working conditions in mind)?
  • Are you “Remote Work Ready”?
To expand on these points offering some guidance that could be of help, contact us.  We are here to help.

We are all facing a time of change. NEED is here to support you along the way keeping you on track.