Talent Profiles:

We are proactive in highlighting talent in the market giving easy access and a short snapshot detailing the skill set you might be looking for. In every market the need to secure the best matched skill set is imperative. In some markets there is a talent shortage and conversely others offer multiple high calibre candidates. Our aim is to highlight those in each offering a proactive and seamless approach to talent acquisition.


Virtual Staffing:

The benefits to having a remote workforce are well known both from a prospective employer’s viewpoint and from future employees. With certain economic climate restrictions and the need to adapt and work remotely, this option of hiring might be one you decide to engage with in the short term but also as a long-term option. Either way we have you covered.


How does NEED support you with these option?

We are proactive in identifying and registering candidates with an array of skills to match your needs from sales and marketing, HR and finance support to business admin functions. We offer support with temp staffing solutions and contractors as well as long term options with permanent staffing solutions working traditionally onsite or remotely.


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