We take pride at NEED Recruitment in being able to offer a variety of temporary and contract positions supporting clients who trust in our efficient processes and ability to deliver (at the speed you NEED). Our team has  a proven track record and experience spanning over a decade, we deliver time and time again leaving no vacancy unfilled. As a NEED temp/contractor you will be made to feel part of our family. You are our team on the ground; our ambassadors who ‘fly our flag high’. We appreciate you and all the hard work you do. From contract professionals to university students, mothers/fathers returning to the workforce, travellers on a working holiday visa and ‘lifestylers’ who prefer the flexibility this platform has to offer – we have opportunities to suit all.

As flexibility is vital in being able to support the temp/contract space, this platform will work for those who are able to provide this. We will do our best to find you work in the industry best suited to your experience and skillset. Rest assured that you will be well supported allowing you to feel confident in being able to deliver high standards as an amazing NEED temp/contractor.

There is a constant need for candidates who can provide reception cover and we also recruit a range of team assistant, PA and temporary admin jobs.

We have a straight forward payroll system, automated via our Invoxy website link with a fantastic payroll representative to provide support just a phone call away should you need it.

Our clients place a great deal of trust in our temp/contract service and with our relationships based on this value, you too will be made to feel a trusted professional and NEED Recruitment team member. Thank you for showing an interest in supporting us in this space. 

Let us start this partnership now; we NEED you.

Tara Fisher consulting on recruitment